Foucault Legacy {1.7}

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We finally had enough money for a Workbench, but the only place there was room for it was outside. Not my favourite place for inventing, but I made it work.

I was so excited, I got right to inventing. I made a bunch of little widgets and gizmos, but they only sold for about 5 bucks each. We don’t have much money, so I’ll take what I can get.

After a couple of hours, my ass caught on fire!! I’m not really sure how it happened, but I ran to the shower as quickly as I could. I was ON FIRE! Who knew inventing was so dangerous?

“Come on, Loborio, go poopy for Mommy!” I tried my best to do the positive encouragement crap, but it really takes a lot out of you, especially when you work the graveyard shift. Fitting in sleep when you have a toddler, isn’t easy.

I was so excited to go back to work after being home on Mat. Leave for so long; spirits and poltergeists gave me such a big rush, compared to the boring housewife lifestyle, I knew that even after just a few weeks of Leave. I sold the spirits after I finished all my jobs, and I earned $506!

I decided it was time to teach Loborio to talk, to take some of the guesswork out of taking care of him.

I had to go to work, and I had to get a babysitter, because Xander went to jail again (right before a promotion, too!). Our regular babysitter is really ugly…

I decided to grow my hair out (okay, let’s face it, hair takes time to grow; I may have gotten extensions for the time being), and got brown lowlights, and intensified the red, just so my hair color wasn’t so dull and one-tone. Xander says it looks hot, so I guess it’s good.

I got my first tattoo!! You can’t see it too well because of my damned bra, but whatever. It cost $300, but it was worth it, in my opinion. Xander likes it too, but I don’t think he would care if I tattooed my whole face.

Xander and Loborio would already be in bed by now, and I had no more jobs to do for the night, so for the rest of the night, I went out to patrol. I was smart enough to bring a scanner this time. Didn’t find anything, though. Oh well, maybe next time?

I went to another home, thinking it’d just be a routine banishing. But this one was more than just capturing spirits, these ghosts looked like real people, I couldn’t justify capturing them. So instead, I convinced them to move on. I felt much better about myself afterwards.

The days flew by, and somehow, it was already Loborio’s birthday. Luckily, he’s beginning to grow into his looks. Kinda. *Whimper* I want grandchildren someday!! Someday far far away, when I’m already aware of my oldness…

So of course, I had to makeover Loborio’s room. Xander didn’t help, because he’s too much of a guy. I think I did a good job on my own though, Loborio’s happy with it, that’s what’s important. One thing he insisted on keeping was the train on his wall, which made me very happy, because I’m not ready for him to grow up just yet. Oh, crap, I’m becoming a stereotypical mom…

Loborio Foucault
Traits: Bookworm, Perceptive, Bookworm
Favourites: Roots, French Toast, Irish Green
Sign: Gemini


Foucault Legacy {1.6}

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Xander woke up at 2:00 am to feed Loborio. Ah well, at least he was actually willing to do it; a lot of guys wouldn’t.

Xan and Loborio were so sweet together.

Xander called in sick the next day so that we could spend more time together. I was wearing lingerie when he came into the bedroom.

We began to make out…

And one thing led to another. I hoped I wasn’t pregnant again; one baby was hard enough, not to mention the fact that we only had, like, $300.

A new dance club had opened up in Sunset Valley (actually, it was the only club in Sunset Valley), called The Grind, and I wanted to check it out, so I left Loborio at home with Xander for the night. I deserved a night off.

First, I ordered a drink. It was called a Neon Breeze, and I’d never heard of it before.

I chatted with Iliana Langerak for a while. She was nice enough, but she was a little uptight. I said goodbye and walked away.

Then I met Ayesha Ansari. She was a criminal. Normally, I wouldn’t be associated with a criminal, but my own fiancĂ© was one, so I figured, what the Hell? It’s not like being friends with criminals makes me a criminal, right?

After a few too many drinks, I ended up table dancing. I think I stepped in Iliana’s nachos, but I was too drunk to care.
“Hey, watch what you’re doing, you idiot!” she shouted. So, I left to go dance on the bar counter.

Victoria Andrews asked Xander to repair her television for her, and she was willing to pay him for his services, so of course he accepted. His Handiness Skill was quite low, so it was lucky he didn’t electrocute himself.

I received my weekly stipend of $344, and Xander got $500 from Victoria for fixing her TV, so I bought a telescope. I wanted a ScrapTronic Workbench, but that was still out of my budget, and I could make some money from discovering stars and such. After a couple of hours, I discovered a Tiny White Giant Star (which makes no sense), and I named it Thar. The Holmberg-Weidler Astronomical Society paid me $130 for my discovery.

Xander and I got married under the moonlight. I was now legally Fayme Clavell. Loborio has my last name though, because he was born before we were married. I didn’t plan on changing his last name, because I wanted the Foucault legacy to live on through him.

Finally, I was married. I felt like the happiest girl on the planet.

Apparently, we got married right on time for Loborio’s first birthday. He looks just like his daddy, skin, hair, eyes, and all the facial features. I don’t think he looks like me at all. I’m his mother, so of course I thought he was the most wonderful child ever, but even I had to admit, he wasn’t the best-looking baby ever. I suppose that’s what I get for having a baby with Xander.

Foucault Legacy {1.5}

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I just had a baby, and all I wanted to do was sleep for about a century, but I got almost no rest after Loborio was born. I was already cleaning up after Xander (I love him, but the man can make such a mess).

I was still on maternity leave, and I was getting pretty bored, being stuck in the house with the baby, while Xander was at work from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, so I went to the graveyard to keep the spirits under control. I had friendly conversations with the nice ones, and helped them get out of limbo so they could move on, but I banished the bad ones, and later sold them to the Science Facility (I needed more money to buy that Scraptronic Workbench) . I felt kinda like Buffy the vampyre slayer.

I stayed at the graveyard all night, and I knew I couldn’t sleep while I was on patrol, so I took a quick nap on one of the benches before any ghosts came out. Xander would have to take care of the baby tonight.

Note to self: Next time you’re on patrol, remember to pack food!

Xander got arrested again. I planned to sit him down and have a chat with him when he got home.

Loborio was cute, and I loved him, but God was he needy! He cried all the time, his diapers were disgusting, I had to feed him before I could feed myself…It could really wear a person out. There were times where I wanted to rip my hair out.

I was so exhausted from being at the cemetery all night and taking care of my son all day, at so I had to crash at about 7:30.

Xander was released from jail at around 9:00, and went to bed as soon as he got home. I guess that talk would have to wait.

Foucault Legacy {1.4}

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Xander was talking to Tamara Donner, one of his many female friends (actually, now that I thought about it, most of the people he knew were girls), and given his Commitment Issues, I didn’t like it. But I was too tired to be mad at him.

Through the wall, I heard him say, “No, I can’t, I’m engaged. And I’m just not attracted to you.”
Yes! That would show that…Well, you know. She was ugly anyway, I don’t know why I was worrying.

The next morning, Xan was being sweet and made us breakfast. Homemade waffles, yum!

Xander made a very inappropriate forum post, but I stayed out of it and just minded my own business. He was naturally Inappropriate, and Hot-Headed, so this kind of thing happened a lot.

Xander won $1 000 in an eating contest, which we used to furnish the baby’s room (if it was a girl, I’d just make it all pink, but I really hoped for a boy). Xan’s precious TV would have to wait.

Boys are so gross; Xander clogged the toilet, so I made him unclog it himself. And then I had him clean the disgusting sink, which was also his doing.

I was getting pretty big, the baby was due any day now. I suddenly realized that I knew nothing about parenthood, and it’s not like my parents were too great at it, so I had nowhere to look for help. Plus, we didn’t have much money. All these doubts starting popping up in my head, and I started to sob.

Xan heard me crying and came to console me. “What’s wrong, baby?” he asked as he hugged me.
“What if we’re not good parents? What if our kid hates us or something?” I worried. He stroked my hair and told me not to worry, that we’d make good parents. I supposed I had to trust him, but I was still afraid.

At 8:00 am the next morning, I went into labour! I chose to have a homebirth, because it’s more natural and cozier.

Everyone, welcome our little boy! Xander and I wanted to give him an uncommon name, and we agreed on Loborio. Loborio Foucault, our perfect little bundle of joy. I felt surges of positive energy and love flowing in me, and I started to cry tears of joy. Xander said I was glowing.

Loborio Foucault
Traits: Perceptive, Eccentric
Favourites: Roots, French Toast, Irish Green

Foucault Legacy {1.3}

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I still needed more Logic for work, so I got tickets to see the famous chess player, Argyle Sinclair, at the bookstore.

While I was at the bookstore, Xander got caught doing certain illegal activities at work (I hadn’t been able to talk him out of quitting his job as a criminal thus far), and was sent to jail. Not for very long–only a few hours–but still, I couldn’t have him in and out of jail once the baby came, it wouldn’t be good for our family. He needed more Athletic skill for his job, so he decided to work out to pass the time in the slammer. After watching the chess player, my Logic increased, and I got promoted to Ectoplasm Cleaner! Unfortunately, I didn’t go back to work for 6 days, due to my being pregnant and all.

I learned very quickly that part of being pregnant meant being exhausted almost one hundred percent of the time, much to my dismay.

I decided I didn’t want to be one of those moms who went out or got takeout or had TV dinners all the time, so I started working on my cooking skills. I made a simple Autumn salad, to avoid potentially burning the house down, and I gotta say, for being the first meal I ever cooked, it was pretty good!

When I was finished eating, Xander got home. I finally told him about the baby, and he seemed pretty excited about it. That was a relief–given his Commitment Issues and just a kind of vibe I got from him, I was afraid he’d leave me.

“Will you marry me, Fayme?” Xander asked, almost immediately after.
I was so excited, I literally shrieked. “Yes, yes, a million times yes!”
The ring was so sparkly and gorgeous, and it felt like it was meant to be on my finger when I put it on. He’d probably stolen it–he was a criminal, after all–and I’d yell at him later for that, but I was too caught up in the moment to care. I was going to be a bride! He really loved me. I’d never been in love with someone who loved me back, not before Xander.

“I love you so much.” I said, burrowing my face in his shoulder.
“I love you too, and this baby.” he replied softly, and I could tell he was being sincere. This was the man I was going to spend my life with, raise a beautiful family with, go through good times and bad with, and eventually, die with. And I was readier than I’d ever been.

Foucault Legacy {1.2}

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I was pregnant, and didn’t have much money, so I decided to brush up on my logic skill. Apparently you need logic to be a ghost hunter.

Xander got home at about 4 PM. I greeted him with a hug and he whispered softly in my ear, “I love you. I love our life, I don’t want anything to change.”
Wonderful. I couldn’t tell him I was pregnant, not after he just said that! It wasn’t the right time. I decided to put it off for a little while. I had to go to work anyway, I had my first spirit invasion!

See that weird-looking green thing? That’s the first spirit I ever caught. It was old and jealous, and worth $400! I was exhausted after banishing spirits from two houses (I finished at midnight), but before I went home I made a stop at the Science Lab and sold all eight spirits for a total of $868. We had $1 368 now! I used some of it to start working on the baby’s room.

That was the baby’s room so far. We didn’t have enough money for the furniture or anything yet, but that was okay, it wasn’t like the baby was coming tomorrow.

Morning sickness was the most wonderful thing in the world! Yea…not really. It was disgusting and acidic, and it made my eyes water. I wondered how long I’d have morning sickness. Hopefully not long, it was unbearable, and Xander would probably get suspicious.

I noticed a small, hardly visible bump for the first time. I was naturally really skinny, so I tended to notice even the smallest weight gain. I rubbed my belly. I kind of hoped for a boy, that’s why the nursery was blue. I’d just recolor it pink if it was a girl. Xander was at work; I planned to tell him when he got home.

The Foucault Legacy {1.1}

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{1.1} means generation one, chapter one. So, {1.4} would be generation one, chapter four, whereas {4.1} would be generation four, chapter one. Just wanted to clear that up. Now, back to the story…

Here’s my little starter home. My dad built it for me as a birthday gift. Sounds like a huge gift, but it’s really small, but Daddy says he can build additions later if I need it. It’s a cute little house for now, though.

See how little it is? There’s a little hallway when you come in, then there’s doors to the bathroom and my bedroom, and an arch to the dining room, which has an archway to the tiny kitchen, and an archway to the living room, which is also on the small side. I’m gonna need to get Dad to build a hobby room, maybe a basement, but for now, this works.

It was really nice of Dad to build me a house, but I needed to be able to pay the bills. So, I got a job as a Tarot Card Reader. Not the best job, but I want to become a Paranormal Profiteer, and you gotta start somewhere, right? Unfortunately, I don’t get to start tonight, becuse it’s Sunday, and I work Monday to Friday. Hours aren’t wonderful either, 5:00 PM to 3:00 AM. I guess I’ll have to readjust my schedule so that I sleep during the day.

I decided to visit the park to get some fresh air, and it’s so beautiful there. Pure, uninterrupted–well, mostly interrupted–nature. Ahh…Anyway, I met a guy named Simis Bachelor there. He seemed nice enough, but he was in a relationship. He was a Professional Blogger, which is fine, but he’s a little too old for my liking, and he looks like he’d be kind of boring. Maybe there’ll be someone more my type somewhere around town?

I met this guy, Xander Clavell, at the gym. He seemed to be more my type. Only problem was he was a Criminal, but we could work past that, maybe I could turn his life around for him.

We really seemed to be hitting it off, so finally I got up the nerve to ask, “Do you want to come over?”
“Sure, sounds like fun!” he replied, and I exhaled. I realized I’d been holding my breath, nervously awaiting his response. I smiled and probably looked stupid as I did it, and we walked back to my house.

After a little while of chatting and flirting, we had our first kiss. I was nervous, but it felt natural, and it felt right. It was amazing, and I can honestly say I’ve never had such an adrenaline rush, which may sound stupid.

I asked him to be my boyfriend, but then I found out he had Commitment Issues. Maybe I could break that bad habit too? I’d keep at it, and for now, we’d just keep doing what we were doing, but I was NOT going to woohoo with someone who I wasn’t in a relationship with.

I couldn’t convince him to be my official boyfriend, but he said yes when I asked him to move in. Then HE asked ME to be his girlfriend! He said sweetly, “I wanted to be the one to ask.” and then he grinned from ear to ear, and he looked so cute and innocent.

We were really excited, so we decided to consummate our new-found love. It was morning, so when we were done, he cursed and said, “Sorry, Fay, I’m late for work!” and then ran off, but not before kissing me sweetly (although quickly), and, you know, putting clothes on. We’d completely lost track of time, but as soon as he left, I realized how tired I was. He was probably just as exhausted, and he had to work during the day.


I sat on the toilet and took a digital pregnancy test. Xander was still at work. I put the stick on the counter when I was finished and waited a few minutes for the result to show up. When I saw something start to appear, I stared at it and saw the result…I froze where I stood, tears streaming down my cheeks.